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Hello! :) Добрый день! My name is Guzel. I am a master student at Bonn University. I came from Russian Siberia to study Media Informatics here in Germany. You can think that there is no place for women in programming world, but I can change your mind ,-) I have a strong desire to master my skills during two years at uni, but unfortunately I don´t have enough money for living... That´s why I decided to combine useful with pleasant - babysitting. I´ve already had a one-year experience with babysitting, and I also has a younger sister - Adelina. I stayed often with her when our parents were at their jobs. By the way, my mother is working as a kindergartener. I think this is one of the reasons why I am getting along with children. I came from the cold Siberia, but I´m not as severe as my motherland. On the contrary I have warm hands and heart, and I would like to share this warmth with your children. I am also sure we will a have a lot of fun with your children! I am non-smoking, fond of reading, gardening and walking in the parks. I speak Russian, English and a little bit of German. If you have any further questions I will be glad to answer them. Looking forward hearing from you, Guzel :)

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