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The Treachery of Russian Nesting Dolls: The Nad...
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Everything is legal in Amsterdam. Except murder. Nadia Tesla will do anything to get the job done. That includes posing as a window girl in De Wallen, Amsterdam´s notorious red-light district, to solve a murder. In this case, Nadia´s employer isn´t just a client. He´s Simmy Simeonovich, one of the world´s most eligible bachelors, with whom she shares a palpable chemistry. Or so she thinks. The murder victim wasn´t a typical sex worker, either. She possessed an electric appeal that attracted people from all walks of life, including the most powerful. As Nadia investigates, she begins to realize that not everything may be as it seems, including Simmy´s motive for hiring her in the first place. The stakes for Nadia - and the world - are much higher. In her first stand-alone case as a private investigator, Nadia Tesla uncovers the clues along murky waterways from Amsterdam to Bruges and on to London, in her quest for truth, life and love. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tanya Eby. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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